Cinique for Men

4-week UX Design Project

Team: Claire Huang, Bassam Mirghani, Bob Wang, Emmanuel Ebhota, George Zhou, Lingxiao Pan

Role:  High fidelity mockups; UX design; Prototyping; Content strategy



A reimagined Men's Section for Cinique official that introduces men's makeup to customers as a viable product option while enhancing the assistance provided in an online shopping setting to help drive satisfied purchases.

why Clinique?

Clinique is an American skincare and cosmetics company under Estee Lauder Companies.  Their "diversity" pillar in the brand identity aims to be inclusive by providing everyday beauty products for everyone. 


We put initial focus on researching Clinique's overall Brand in the aspects of their business model, market position and branding guidelines. This is to ensure any generated insights, opportunities and proposals not only add competitive value to Clinique but stay on-brand.

Moreover, Clinique is gaining traction towards targeting men as theyhave launched past campaigns and built a collabration with GQ Mens. They have a exsiting customer base of men using their skincare products. 


We found that Clinique current men's section only displays products with little to no assistance leading to frequent dissatisfied and mismatched skin irritant purchases.

current Clinique For Men section


We seeked out 21 interviewees (10 with skin concerns, 11 without skin concerns) from the target audience for long focused interview sessions. Questions dove into skincare, makeup, cosmetics and ranged from daily routines to their perspective on makeup. We encouraged participants to storytell their answers and give real life examples when possible. 

From our synthesized interview answers, surveys and further secondary research, we generated four driving insights.

01. Men were more open to using makeup if they had existing facial concerns.

02. The main reason men wanted to use makeup was a need to look good for important events such as interviews, social gatherings and dates.

03. The main factors that made men willing to buy makeup is knowing that the products are quick to apply and natural looking when applied.

04. 17 out of 18 men who were willing to purchase makeup for the first time expressed that they would need guidance on how to use it.


From the research results and customer insights, we framed our opportunity as: 

How might we convey to men that light makeup can be a not only natural-looking but quick to apply short-term option?

How might we effectively help men choose the right products catered to their skin goals and guide them through the process of learning how to use it?


We crafted the 'customer with skin blemishes' persona to ensure we understood the customer's perspective when shaping our intervention strategy.


customer flow.

Based on our customer research and competitor analysis, we reshaped the customer flow.  


Recognizing that returning customers and customers that have already decided upon what to buy, sharing the same homepage space we're reiterating on, we also retain browse products and adding to cart as an option throughout each new page. This is to ensure customers don't have to take unneccessary steps when they've made up their mind early.

The new 'look your best' section aims to convince customers that makeup products can be a viable temporary option for a better look in important events.

The personalized solution section aims to help the customers find the right products catered to their facial concerns through an onboarding process.

enter + discover.

The new men’s homepage acts as a discovery and entry point to first introduce makeup through a “look your best” section.  The section aims to yield a high click-through rate by having content that targets important events that men have highlighted to want to look better for. To attract men customers to explore more, I decided to make this section simple and clean, but visually simulating by the combination of the slogan and video. 

explore + convince.

A 'look your best' section leverages the research insight that men want to temporarily enhance their appearance for important events. Through this, we position our content strategy for the section to target occasions men have highlighted to want to look good for. So I picked interviews, dates and meetings, and made a slider with real-life images, in order to visually attact and convince the customers. Moving forward, I made an interactive section with the buttons and sliders for customers to experience the visual difference that makeup can help for various skin blemishes.

engage + choose. 

Once customers get interested to explore more about this new option, the "get personalized solution" button will lead them to a digital journey, which aims to help them choose the most suitable products catered to their facial skin concerns and goals. To make this process smooth and less boring, I chose to avoid text-heavy contents and add more visual cues. 

Once customers finished the journey, they will be directed to a personalized product page based on their preferences in the journey and aims to further introduce makeup products as a short-term solution, also paired alongside the long term solution of skincare products. Moreover, to reduce the confusion for the men customers who tries makeup products the first time, I added instructions and gifs for each product, to make it easier to understand. 

extend + guide. 

At the very last stage, after the customer purchased Clinique products, Clinique will send a post-sale follow-up email links a personalized guide catered to the customer’s recently purchased products, to provide a guidance on how to use their these products.