Magazine graphic design

Brand: PARTI

Slogan: Born for architecture and design fanatics. 



Parti is a magazine about introducing recently designed products, architecture, and famous designers worldwide. A "parti" is an organizing thought or decision behind an architect's design, presented in the form of a basic diagram or a simple statement. Just like a parti for an architect, this magazine is aimed to bring inspirations to readers to help them build the base of their own design. 

editorial lineup.

Before touching the layout and graphic of this magazine, I did researches about the target customers and competitors. As PARTI is a magazine showing excellent design from all over the world, I carefully picked the contents and arranged them in reasonable order. 

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Then from the business perspective of a magazine, I used a flat plan to ensure it has the right ratio and composition of contents and advertisments. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.30.30 PM
Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.31.04 PM


With the logo of magazine big and bold on the top, I decided to make the “AR” of PARTI is in orange color, stands for “architecture”, as well as make it eye-catching in distance. 


The feature story of this issue is in memory of a famous designer who just past away. So I decided to put his portrait on the cover, with a slightly darker color scheme. For another feature story, I put the cover line on the bottom to keep the main feature story highlighted.

table of contents.


feature story.

The tone of this feature story needs to be serious, in order to match the content. I decided to put images of Alessandro Mendini’s famous design at the start, to attract the reader’s attention and help them quickly get the thesis of this story. 


I also chose to insert some of his portraits to show his personality of open-minded, always curious and childish.

featuremockup copy

other components.

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